Kimberly Mendoza

7 Reasons To Get Excited About TRL’s Big Comeback

We're back!

TRL has ALWAYS been known for creating iconic moments with the world’s biggest stars, and being the main destination for discovering the next big things. It’s been a minute since we last turned Times Square into a screaming shrine of fandom, but starting today at 3:30pm ET, we’re back and better than ever. There’s SO MUCH IN STORE for our massive premiere week, with the biggest A-Listers here to usher in a new age of TRL—here’s just 7 reasons it’s gonna be LIT.

  1. A legendary lineup of live performances

    Migos and Ed Sheeran are kicking off today’s relaunch--MAJOR KEY--followed by Noah Cyrus with Playboi Carti and PRETTYMUCH tomorrow. On Wednesday, Demi Lovato is coming with Lil Uzi Vert, and Lil Yacthy and Why Don’t We are scheduled to tear up Times Square on Thursday. Mind blown yet? We’re not done, because Travis Scott is closing out the week with Romeo Santos on Friday. And that’s LITERALLY JUST WEEK ONE.

  2. We have the COOLEST hosts

    We have the hilarious D.C Young Fly leading the way each day, and we’ve also linked up with Tamara Dhia, Amy Pham, Erik Zachary and Lawrence Jackson who will be your guides on every platform, from your TV to right here on Snapchat.

  3. Your social faves are taking over

    It’s not just our super-dope hosts bringing you the latest news and hottest performances—our social correspondents are in on the action, too: The Dolan Twins are a double dose of fun, not to mention Lisa Koshy, Gabbie Hanna, Eva Gutowski and Gigi Gorgeous are all in the crew. You won’t want to miss the dope content they’ll be whipping up!

  4. The brand-new TRL studio

    TBH our studio should be featured on MTV Cribs, because it’s just THAT cool. It’s an insanely galactic space filled with neon walkways, interactive walls, a giant DJ booth made from headphones, a red leather couch that literally spells out “TRL” and other cool features. It’s an out-of-this-world setup that will host the biggest performances MTV has ever seen. Plus, it’s SUPER social-friendly, so you can come by and post the best #content ever.

  5. Tickets for the show are FREE

    YES YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY. You can be here in the crowd for FREE to see the week’s biggest moments! Cop ‘em while you can at


    Consider us forever grateful to be honored to this living legend—DJ Khaled is officially the Godfather of TRL, and he’ll be here today to help us officially kick off the new show. If he brings Asahd, you can be sure we’ll all be SOBBING.

  7. TRL is going to be EVERYWHERE

    We’ve completely re-thought the show from the ground up, and we know you need more. TRL isn’t just a TV show… it’s on EVERY screen and EVERY platform (including Snapchat!) in real-time, all the time, bringing you the latest and greatest moments as they happen. Follow us everywhere and get ready to come thru—starting TODAY at 3:30pm ET, TRL is BACK.