Photo via @djkhaled/Instagram

DJ Khaled Officially Raised The Ball For The TRL Launch

Ashad did the honors

Today, DJ Khaled made his epic debut as the official godfather of TRL by cruising down from Harlem all the way to Times Square on a double decker bus. After he touched down on the yellow carpet, Khaled was escorted by a group of dancers to link up with DC Young Fly and Tamara Dhia where they danced to "Wild Thoughts."

To make his title official, Khaled was given the key to the TRL studio and asked to raise the ball. He then brought out Asahd to press the button with him and officially launch the program. To our delight, the Dolan Twins also made a surprise appearance in the crowd.

After Migos performed outside, Khaled made his way indoors to open up the doors to the brand-new TRL studio where he was greeted by a huge group of screaming fans. While addressing the tragedy in Las Vegas, Khaled encouraged everyone to pray and love more before sitting down on his throne to deliver a Major Key Motivation.

“It’s important that we all pray more,” he said. “God is great. There’s a lot of things going on in the world right now. We have to spread more love right now… Let’s pray for our people in Vegas, Mexico, Houston Florida, Puerto Rico — everywhere worldwide.”

It was truly the most blessed premiere ever.

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