Kimberly Mendoza

8 Major Moments That Happened During The TRL Premiere

We're back and better than ever

So much went down during the unbelievably epic relaunch of TRL comeback that we can barely remember every single iconic moment that actually happened. (Was it real or fantasy?!) Not only did our new hosts and social media correspondents do a kickass job, but all of our guests—including Migos, Ed Sheeran, Lili Reinhart and DJ Khaled—were absolutely phenomenal. Luckily for all of our diehard TRL fans, we kept track of every single minute of the show. Here are eight of the best takeaways from today's grand premiere.

  1. The New TRL Family's call to action regarding the victims of Las Vegas

    Even though it was a somber way to kick off the show, we're so proud of our team for bringing attention to an important issue that continues to effect this country—gun violence.

  2. Migos performing "Too Hotty" in Times Square

    All bleeps aside, Migos completely tore it up in Times Square.

  3. Ed Sheeran blessing up two of his biggest fans

    Nothing warms out hearts like watching fans meet their idols and proceed to freak out during the interaction.

  4. Liza Koshy twerking with fans in Times Square

    After she fangirled in front of Ed Sheeran, our social media correspondent hopped outside with fans to fulfill her "Total Request Liza" duties.

  5. Ed Sheeran performing "Perfect"

    It was perfect. Period.

  6. Lili Reinhart subtly sharing the secrets of Riverdale

    Queen Betty grace us with her beautiful presence and even let us watch a sneak peak from the second season of Riverdale.

  7. Asahd pressing the button to raise the TRL ball with DJ Khaled

    We're honored that we could make history with the world's most powerful baby.

  8. Ahnari grabbing the mic and rapping "Bodak Yellow"

    Cardi B's youngest fan was the most entertaining person on the program by far.