Kimberly Mendoza

26 Tweets That Were Literally Us On Day 2 Of TRL

We feel you

Did all of that really just happen? We know, the second day of TRL was a lot to take in. Noah Cyrus shared some tips on how to be petty on social media, Playboi Carti said that TRL is the craziest thing to ever happen to him post-fame, and PRETTYMUCH gave us the urge to lick our screens. (Don't deny it, you know you wanted to.) We also really felt the comradery between Tamara Dhia, Matt Rife, DC Young Fly, Amy Pham and Eva Gutowski. Once again, we were keeping tabs on all of your reactions while the show aired and picked some of our favorite feedback. Scroll down to bask in all of the glorious fandom and be sure to tune back in tomorrow at 3:30pm ET for the next episode of TRL.

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