Kimberly Mendoza

TRL Day 3: Nick Jonas & Lil Uzi Vert Dominate and DC Goes Off on Trump

Wind up and rewind

Before we dive straight into today's program, we need to talk about every single thing that happened yesterday. We were so bummed to hear that Demi Lovato was under the weather, but having Nick Jonas step in for her was a real treat—talk about a SNACK! We pretty much drooled the entire time he performed "Find You," and now I don't remember what life was like before his beautiful face flashed on our screen.

While Gabbie Hanna was making her official TRL debut and crowning meme queens, DC Young Fly was falling head over heels for Rita Ora. The singer, actress, model and designer filled us in on what to expect at the MTV EMAs this year, including what she'll be doing as the official host.

We also loved when Matt Rife referred to Gayle King as the First Lady under an Oprah Winfrey presidency, and how he called Cardi B the "Michael Jordan of Louboutins." (For the record, we STRONGLY agree.)

One of the show's buzziest moments, however, came from our hosts. During our daily We Didn't Ask for This segement, Tamara Dhia and Matt Rife condemned Donald Trump's towel-tossing behavior during his recent visit to Puerto Rico--but it was DC Young Fly who went ALL THE WAY OFF on the leader's actions.

Lil Uzi Vert literally had so much fun on the show that he didn't want to leave the studio. He eventually closed us out with "XO TOUR Llif3" followed by a post-show performance of "Sauce It Up." Tune into TRL weekdays at 3:30pm ET!