Landyn Pan

Why Don't We Are All About The Throwbacks On TRL


Why Don't We previously stole everyone's hearts at the MTV VMAs, so we knew that the TRL audience would LOSE THEIR CHILL when the guys dropped by the TRL studio today.

Tamara Dhia and Matt Rife had so much fun hanging out with Daniel, Zach, Corbyn, Jonah and Jack. During the show, the guys played a bunch of games with fans including our own lil' karaoke get-down known as Times Square-oke, and naming boy bands of the past to win a pair tickets to the Invitation Tour in 2018.

Since we couldn't possibly invite every Why Don't We fan to come to the show, they asked us to give away pairs of tickets for every stop of the tour (you're welcome). Follow us on Instagram for more information!

What's even better is that the guys delivered an intimate, digital-exclusive BONUS performance, which you can check out below. TRL airs on weekdays at 3:30pm ET!