Landyn Pan

7 Of The Best Things That Went Down On Day 4 Of TRL

Can we throw it back to THIS Thursday?

The latest episode of TRL was everything we could have hoped for. Lil Yachty brought all the youths to Times Square, Why Don't We played a bunch of games, and the Dolan Twins came in HOT as our social media correspondents of the day. Even though we had an hour with all of them, it still didn't feel like enough time! At least we can all re-live every moment from the episode online, since the Internet saves everything FOREVER. Here are seven special moments from our fourth day on the air. Tune into TRL on weekdays at 3:30pm ET for more!

  1. Why Don't We's medley of "Something Different," "Invitation" and "These Girls"

    We got chills, it was SO GOOD.

  2. DC Young Fly taking a fan's phone

    What's not to love about getting paid to let a TRL host take your phone and go through your texts?

  3. The Dolan Twins being cute AF

    We love them as much as you do! Honestly, we're shocked that our screens didn't go into overdrive.

  4. Lil Yachty performing "Forever Young"

    The screams and smiles say it all.

  5. DC Young Fly killing the "pin-yachty"

    He had to show the fans how it's really done.

  6. The TRL hosts keeping it 100

    These days, it's impossible to be neutral when it comes to the state of our nation. We appreciate all of our hosts for speaking the truth.

  7. Ethan Dolan taking ALL of the shots
    a champ. Somebody give him some milk!

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