Kimberly Mendoza

The Dolan Twins Answered All Of Your Prayers On TRL

Thank the heavens for these angels

We've been counting down the days to see Ethan and Grayson Dolan on our screens, and TRL FINALLY made that fantasy a reality in today's episode. (Supposedly, some fans were so devoted that they willingly CAMPED OUT to see them this afternoon!) In addition to handling our social media accounts, the Dolan Twins literally crashed into the TRL studio.

As promised, they answered a series of questions from fans (perks of following us on Twitter), and played a round of Throw It Back Thursday with DC Young Fly. Kudos to them for keeping their cool, tears and all. (Poor Ethan nearly got lost in the sauce!) Even though the boys were throwing back shots of HOT SAUCE, the only person sweating up in here was me. Did anybody else get a hot flash?!

We can't wait until the boys are back—but you can re-watch them in all of their glory in the video, below. TRL airs on weekdays at 3:30pm ET!

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