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6 Of The Most Defining Moments From The Seventh Day Of TRL

After school special

Scholarship Week at TRL is going on strong, and so is every other aspect of the program. Today on Tuition Request Live, we had plenty of games for all of our guests to participate in, from "Follow, Block, Heart" with Jhene Aiko to "Deal or Steal" with King Bach. PnB Rock stopped by the studio to treat our audience to a special performance of "Feelins" and Eva Gutowski stepped in as a referee for an intense round of "PnB Rock, Paper, Scissor." We also had a blast with Mr. Reed, the teacher we wish we had when we were in school. All in all, it was a pretty solid day, featuring these top moments from the show. Scroll down and re-live the entire experience with us. TRL airs on weekdays at 3:30pm ET!

  1. King Bach playing "Deal or Steal"

    You get money! You get money! YOU get money!

  2. Jhene Aiko opening up about recovering from loss

    We're not crying, you are.

  3. Rewarding our second winner of the Tuition Request Live scholarship

    Congratulations Brandon! (Stay in school, kids.)

  4. Eva Gutowski on how FAFSA changed her life

    We heart this an unscripted, candid confession from our social media correspondent.

  5. Rapping with Dwayne Reed

    Teachers like Mr. Reed are making the world a better place! Without them, we wouldn't be who we are today so we're glad that we could help someone who's clearly making a difference. He's also got bars for days.

  6. PnB Rock, Paper, Scissors

    PnB challenged DC Young Fly and IT. WAS. LIT.