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Meet The Five Scholarship Winners Of Tuition Request Live

That's a wrap!

This week, TRL celebrated Tuition Request Live, honoring students in need and enlisting A-list celebs to underline the importance of education. We teamed up with Get Schooled to reward five worthy students with $20,000 scholarships, with one winner a day being surprised LIVE on the show. We're so honored to have this opportunity to give back and make an impact in the lives of the individuals that were selected, and we're certain that all of our scholarship recipients will go on to accomplish great things in the future. Scroll down and meet all of these brilliant scholars.

  1. Sidney Has No Horses

    Our first recipient has overcome a childhood full of bullying, but she never let that discourage her from achieving her goals and focusing on her studies.

  2. Brandon Almodovar

    We're so glad that Brandon's mother could be a part of this special moment, and that we could help with taking a fraction of a burden off of his shoulders.

  3. Andrea Figueroa

    Since this hardworking student from the University of Puerto Rico is unable to attend classes due to the devastation of Hurricane Maria, Cuban music legend Pitbull rewarded her with an extra $20,000 for school.

  4. Daisha Walker

    Despite growing up without a support system, Daisha has managed to lead herself down the road to success all on her own. We wish her nothing but the best as she continues to pursue a higher education.

  5. ZaDarius Webber

    This Morehouse student is an aspiring political science major with a career goal of becoming President of the United States. He certainly has our vote!