Linda Kallerus/MTV

The Dolan Twins Struck Gold On TRL

Double the fun

Today, the call of legions of TRL fans to see more Dolan Twins action was finally answered. As usual, Ethan and Grayson made a hilarious entrance by crowd surfing into the studio. After catching us up on what's been going on in their lives since the last time we saw them (literally a week ago), we picked a few fans from the audience to bowl with them—literally. The loser of Dolan Pins had to drink Gatorade out of a dirty rental shoe. (Sorry, Grayson!)

Later on, DC Young Fly took the brothers into Times Square to answer Requestions from a bunch of their biggest fans. After that, the boys came back inside for an epic round of fan-submitted Dolan Dares. All of the dares on the wheel were randomly selected from submissions on Twitter so shoutouts to the fans. Watch it all go down in the video, below. Tune into TRL on weekdays at 3:30pm ET for more!

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