Skai Jackson Talks Trends, Inspiration, & Advice On TRL

Tween queen

Skai Jackson stepped into our Times Square studio to run through some of the biggest stories of the day and tell us about the latest developments in her blossoming career. At the age of 15, the actress has already designed her own clothing collection. Skai recently partnered with Nowadays on her fashion line now available exclusively at Macy's.

While kicking back on the TRL couch, Skai gave Tamara Dhia a full rundown of the experience and left her with some insightful advice about personal style. "I would say just be yourself. Fashion is to express yourself, try new things, and don't let what anyone else is saying get to you."

Feeling old and less accomplished? The entrepreneurial teen told us that she's hoping to work on more acting and fashion projects so we'll probably be seeing more of her very soon. Get briefed on all the scoop on Skai in the video, below. TRL airs on weekdays at 3:30pm ET!