Bennett Raglin/MTV

DJ Khaled Blessed The TRL Dance Floor With His Moves

"It's all about the fan love"

DJ Khaled happened to be in town for the TIDAL X Hurricane Benefit Concert, so he dropped by the TRL studio to fulfill some of his Godfather duties. In addition to telling us everything that goes down backstage at events, Khaled also crashed the most insane dance battle of all time.

Rather than stand idly by and watch three chosen fans replicate his signature Superstar shuffle, DJ Khaled joined them on the floor while they busted a move. The resulting video is possibly the most iconic in TRL history:

After that, Khaled briefly teased some upcoming collaborations that he's been cooking up (ED SHEERAN MAYBE??), breaking into the acting world, and his big plans for Asahd's first birthday. "That day, we're just going to have so much fun and be so excited," he said. "Puff called me about my son's birthday. Everybody is talking about my son's party and if a party's big, Puff's gotta be a part of it."

Watch the Godfather give us the inside scoop in the videos, above. TRL airs on weekdays at 3:30pm ET!