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10 Of Asahd's Best Moments On Instagram

In celebration of his first birthday

A year ago, life as we know it was changed forever when Asahd Tuck Khaled was brought into the world. In addition to being the son of the renowned DJ Khaled, this baby already has an executive producer title to his name and a platinum album under his belt (Since DJ Khaled is the official Godfather of TRL, does that make Asahd our godchild?!) In celebration of Asahd's first birthday, we rounded up 10 of our favorite moments of him that were captured on the 'gram. Scroll down to re-live them all. If you want to help make it the best birthday ever, the Khaled family is also collecting donations to UNICEF on behalf of Asahd.

  1. That time he was profiled by New York Magazine

    You've never had an experience at the Children's Museum quite like this before. Read the entire piece here.

  2. His casual power nap before the 2017 MTV VMAs

    Homeboy showed up wearing a Gucci suit. GUCCI!

  3. When he wore these cheeky sweatpants


  4. That time he was gifted a bunch of Supreme stuff

    Yeah, we'd be smiling like this too if we were in a pile of Supreme.

  5. When he snoozed top of the yacht

    As one does.

  6. How did he keep a straight face while being smothered by Rihanna

    This is clearly just a regular day in the life of Asahd, no big deal.

  7. Hanging out with Auntie Nicki Minaj
  8. When he stunted in a Gucci bucket hat

    Your MCM could never.

  9. Remember that time he brought back overalls?


  10. Anytime he smiles at DJ Khaled

    Like father, like son. Too cute!