Zach D/MTV

T-Pain Revived Our Souls With His Medley Of Hits

He also tells the best ghost stories

T-Pain is a living and breathing legend... so naturally, we had to bring him on to TRL. After dancing his way through the tunnel, the Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter told Tamara Dhia and Gabbie Hanna about how two ghosts have been "battling it out" in his house: apparently he learned all of this after a certified medium came through to confirm their existence!

During Off Top, we found out that T-Pain is super down for a collab with Cardi B (and would LOVE the rumored Beyonce-Cardi collab to go down), but he acknowledges that she doesn't need him. "Cardi B can literally do anything she wants to right now on her own," he said. "She doesn't need anybody." He also talked about Kanye West's contributions to the music and fashion worlds and playing video games with fans.

TRL was extra blessed by the presence of T-Pain when he sat down for a hardcore interrogation conducted by Gabbie for The Third Degree. Somehow, he found a word to rhyme with TRL though, so we'll say he won that round.

After that, T-Pain played T-Pain's Touchdown Dance Off with viral high school football quarterback Holly Neher. The winner walked away with a pair of tickets to his sold-out show at Gramercy Theatre.

To close out the show, T-Pain serenaded us with a jaw dropping acoustic mash-up of some of his greatest hits including "Buy U a Drank," "I'm N Luv (Wit a Stripper)," and "Bartender" followed by his latest single "Goal Line." Watch it all go down in the video, below.

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