Zach D/MTV

Tristan Thompson & Iman Shumpert Got Their Heads In The Game On TRL

"I go to TRL, let me see how many hugs I get!"

TRL is all about the games, so we figured it was high time to recruit some all-star athletes for the program. NBA player Iman Shumpert was all smiles when he came out to have his moment on the program--one he'd apparently been waiting for since Eminem's infamous TRL shout-out in 2002.

Obviously, we had to know about his life as a family man and the dynamics of his relationship with Teyana Taylor (#goals), and he was willing to open up and tell us about how they spend quality time together... at the strip club, of all places!

Later on, DC Young Fly and Matt Rife brought out Shumpert's teammate Tristan Thompson to play Rock, Paper, Scissors with some fans. The winner got a free pair of tickets to the Cleveland Cavaliers' upcoming game against the New York Knicks.

After his victory, Tristan chatted with Tamara Dhia about his working relationship with LeBron James and how he gets in the zone for games. It's no secret that Tristan listens to Taylor Swift, but we had to find out what tracks are his favorites: "Shake It Off" and "Bad Blood" are his top picks.

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