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31 LIT AF Songs To Add To Your Halloween Playlist

So good it'll give you goosebumps

'Tis the season for trick-or-treating, but music taste should never be sacrificed in that quest. Since Halloween has officially arrived and you're probably busy putting together your costume at the last minute, we hand picked 31 tracks and compiled them into a playlist for you. However, this isn't your typical Halloween themed mix—we threw together a bunch of sweet tunes that really get us in the spirit. Scroll down to get the party started with this spooky soundtrack!

  1. "My Body's A Zombie For You"- Dead Man's Bones

    Ryan Gosling used to be in a band, are you still breathing?

  2. "Brujas"- Princess Nokia

    Because "we is them ghetto witches."

  3. "Bones"-The Killers

    C'mon, you can't deny that this is a classic.

  4. "Half Man Half Shark"- King Krule

    The song has such a creepy cool vibe, it'll make your guests skin crawl.

  5. "Dead Eyes"- Adia Victoria

    Because a little blues never hurt nobody! We can hear bones breaking as skeletons dance in the moonlight.

  6. "Back To Black"- Amy Winehouse

    Get with the #mood.

  7. "The Sweetest Taboo"- Sade

    The feeling when you get hyper from eating too much candy.

  8. "Seigfried"- Frank Ocean

    "I'd do anything for you/ in the dark" is some real spooky stuff! Feelings are scary, man.

  9. "Head Over Heels"- Tears For Fears"

    Channel your inner Donnie Darko.

  10. "Mute"- Youth Lagoon

    Any mention of the devil is spooky.

  11. "Icehead"- (Sandy) Alex G

    Those screams will haunt you 'til the end of time.

  12. "Death Sounds"- Show Me The Body

    Makes you want to watch something burn down to the ground, doesn't it?

  13. "Find Me"- Porches

    RIP to your soul.

  14. "Rill Rill"- Sleigh Bells

    Cross your heart and hope to die!

  15. "Death Wish"- Terror Jr

    RIP to your soul.

  16. "Oblivion"- Grimes

    Because there's honestly nothing scarier than the experience of being a woman who is cat called while walking home alone at night. Real talk: It's absolutely terrifying.

  17. "Disturbia"- Rihanna

    Don't act like you forgot...

  18. "In The Face Of Evil"- Magic Sword

    Get in loser, we're vanquishing evil!

  19. "Thriller"- Michael Jackson

    It's a sin to exclude this classic.

  20. "Radioactive"- Marina and the Diamonds

    Because love is the scariest thing of all.

  21. "Maneater"- Nelly Furtado

    Kiss the boys and make them die!

  22. "Mourn"- Corbin

    This honestly sounds like the opening of someone walking through a vacant town after a zombie apocalypse has infected everyone that they know.

  23. "Monster"- Kanye West feat. JAY-Z, Nicki Minaj, Bon Iver & Rick Ross

    We would be doing you a great disservice without this selection.

  24. "Mazerati"- Lunice

    If the build up for this song doesn't creep you out, you might want to ask yourself if you're the real creep in these streets.

  25. "Trash"- Show Me The Body

    So good we had to put them on twice. This track is super #dark though.

  26. "Lift Me Up"- Vince Staples

    Rising from the shadows like...

  27. "Ten Days Of Falling"- Shlohmo

    Those synths!

  28. "Ghost"- Halsey

    You can't get ghosted if you're already dead inside!

  29. "You Know What I Mean"- Cults

    Are you afraid of the dark?

  30. "The Sweet Escape"- Gwen Stefani feat. Akon

    Can you feel a sugar rush coming on?

  31. "Candy"- Mandy Moore

    A sweet little throwback.