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The Drop, Week 7: Jaden Smith, Tove Lo, T-Pain & More!

Plus Morrissey, Baths & Charlotte Gainsbourg!

Here's why Thursday is low-key the best day of the week: Before the weekend hits, there's always an outpouring of album releases on Friday. So, if you're like us, then you're staying up tonight to get that first glorious listen when your new faves drop right at midnight. If you're also hunting for fresh new sounds, scroll down and get familiar with all of the artists on our list in the roundup, below.

  1. It's almost hard to believe that Jaden is dropping his debut full-length album now because he's been making music for what feels like the entirety of his teenage years, but time is a construct anyway so let's focus on the fact that this release is finally happening. Jaden's record is arguably one of the most highly anticipated releases of 2017 and we're excited to watch him continue to rise to his full potential.

  2. Tove Lo- Blue Lips

    The Swedish pop star's third album is another testament to the power of the V if you catch my drift. The Lady Wood era is coming to a close, but at least Tove Lo has made it a pleasurable experience from beginning to end. Eat up all 14 of these tasty tracks.

  3. T-Pain- OBLiViON

    There are so many reasons why T-Pain is a Grammy Award-winning artist and the proof can be found in any of his projects. The singer-songwriter and producer keeps things fresh on his latest album with 16 tunes that will have you obsessing over him all over again. Whether he's auto-tune or acoustic, T-Pain stays winning.

  4. Baths- Romaplasm

    William Wiesenfeld is releasing his first new album in four years and it was certainly worth the wait. This body of work is anchored in the deconstruction of emotions and serves as an expression of pure individuality. Life is a never-ending spiral of chaos, but you shouldn't lose hold of yourself in the process. Let this record be a form of comfort in your surroundings.

  5. Charlotte Gainsbourg- Rest

    It's been seven years since this British-French singer-songwriter released new music and her latest project is an outpour of electronic noise that's more inclined to make you cry in the club rather than rule the floor as the dancing queen. The 11 tracks on this album consist of dark and dreamy narratives that ooze with melancholy.

  6. At some point, we've all been through a Smiths phase. (Depending on when it hits you, this could last a long time. Following the release of World Peace Is None of Your Business in 2014, Morrissey has remerged with his eleventh solo album. Regardless of how you really feel about it doesn't take away from the fact that Morrissey will always be a legend. The melancholy that we've grown to love him for is still present on every track,