Kimberly Mendoza/MTV

J Balvin Explains How Beyoncé Got Involved On The "Mi Gente" Remix

Could Drake or Rihanna be next?

Latin superstar J Balvin is currently the fourth most streamed artist in the world, so of course TRL had to have him in the Times Square studio. After he briefly caught up with host Tamara Dhia about their experience together at ComplexCon, he gave us the scoop on how the "Mi Gente" remix with Beyoncé came to be.

When pressed about which artists he'd like to work with next, J Balvin named Rihanna and Drake. We don't know about you, but those collabs seem too fire not to happen. To close out the week, we had J Balvin hit the stage to perform "Mi Gente." Watch his wild performance in the video, below.

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