Bennett Raglin/MTV

The Dolan Twins Were A Beautiful Mess On TRL

Cheerio boys!

It's been a minute since Ethan and Grayson graced the TRL studio with their presence, and their two-week absence didn't go unnoticed by their fans. (One person in the crowd was sporting a 1-800-DOLAN-TWINS sweatshirt à la Drake's "Hotline Bling" merch, so you knew it was going to be a LIT episode.) Thankfully, the Twins returned with two major surprises: In addition to revealing that they'll be traveling to London for the MTV EMAs, they also announced that they're releasing some fresh merch before they venture across the pond.

To celebrate the drop, Ethan and Grayson picked a pair of fans to play a new game called Yolks On You. It was a messy process that involved real eggs and a lot of slipping and sliding. After a few minutes, though, the boys wound up with a tie, and their fans both won some of that brand-new Dolan Twins swag. Watch it go down in the video, below.

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