Photos by Kevin Winter/Getty Images & Frederick M. Brown/Stringer

Eminem Recruits Beyoncé For His Comeback Anthem "Walk On Water"

Is your wig orbiting?

Earlier this week, Eminem teased the title of his next big single in a post on Instagram. What the Detroit rapper didn't say, though, was that he'd be working with Beyoncé on the track, which officially dropped today. "Walk On Water" is the first collaboration between Em and Bey, and the two don't waste a second on this thought-provoking song. The track comments on the problem with putting celebrities on pedestals, reminding listeners that, at the end of the day, they're also flawed human beings—not gods to be worshiped.

"Walk On Water" will be featured on Eminem's forthcoming Revival album. A release date for the project has yet to be revealed, but Eminem recently uploaded an amusing infomercial for the record on Twitter. Eminem is also scheduled to perform on Saturday Night Live on November 18.

Stream the new single in full, below.