Photo by Tyler Mitchell

Morning Bop: ABRA Never Lets Haters Merge Into Her Lane

Your daily report on the latest music news

Welcome to Morning Bop: each AM, we'll be providing you with a blast of the latest music news headlines along with the perfect song you need to start your day. Monday's #MorningBop is "Come 4 Me" by ABRA because it's got all the mantras to motivate you to stay on your grind and get that paper! (This could literally be a paycheck, a degree, or a grade for a report you've been waiting on...) Don't let anyone distract you from accomplishing your goals.

While you crank that up, here are nine trending news stories to keep tabs on today:

  1. True Blue will leave you in a trance with "Bad Behavior"

    Porches bassist Maya Laner is really out here making us slow dance in public.

  2. Cardi B is on the cover of New York Magazine

    Read the Allison P. Davis penned cover story right here.

  3. A room full of unpublished Rihanna photos is coming

    Anybody want to expense a trip to Milan? Bless Paolo Roversi and his "Storie" exhibit that will be on view to the public after the Photo Vogue Festival. Life imitates art.

  4. Princess Nokia is a star in this Express campaign

    Happy Holidays, indeed!

  5. ABRA wants you to cry at the club to "Bacardi"

    Shoutouts to Lumidee.

  6. Watch Somewhere Else's music video for "Uh Huh"

    It's never too late to fall off the grid and become a cowboy...

  7. Kimbra is back on "Top of the World"

    We're beyond stoked that this Kiwi has returned to the spotlight. Welcome back!

  8. CLAY preaches self-love on “Forgotten How To Fly”

    In her own words (as stated to The FADER), “This song, for me, is about when I let the outside world seep into my psyche, influence my thoughts and feelings and actions. This song is about the moment when I realize I am allowing other's opinions and insecurities and projections as well as societal standards and confines, dictate my happiness. This song is about finding and re-finding the answers within even in darkness. I sing this song to find myself, remind myself, forgive myself, and love myself, and hope that other's resonate and find the same healing while listening.”

  9. Roy Blair made the "Perfect" visual

    The single is featured on his forthcoming debut album Cat Heaven.