Photo courtesy of Paramore/Twitter

Get A Paramore Tour Of New York In The "Fake Happy" Video

* insert upside down smiley face *

Spend enough time in the Big Apple and it'll start to lose some of its iconic charms. The trash on the streets is bad enough, but have you seen the rats and roaches?? When Hayley Williams is leading the way through all the boroughs in a sequin jumpsuit, the city suddenly shines in a new light though.

Paramore's music video for "Fake Happy" is a winding walk down all the avenues and alleys of New York. Hayley dances her way through congested crowds of people with upside down smiley faces, something I really wish we could do on a regular basis. In a previous interview with Beats 1, Hayley explained how the song is inspired by her hatred of phoniness.

"It’s not fun to be around, it’s not fun to do yourself," she said. "But then there are these moments in your life where you’re professional and you have to have grace with yourself, you have to have grace with other people and work hard, but it’s that self-preservation thing."

Paramore's fifth studio album After Laughter is out now on Fueled By Ramen. Watch the Zac Farro-directed visual unfold, below.