Photo courtesy of Aly & AJ

Aly & AJ Finally Dropped Their Big Comeback Project

Ten years passed, but we're here at last!

After a decade of radio silence, Aly & AJ have officially returned with their Ten Years EP and my inner fangirl is squealing with joy. Now that the former Disney darlings are grown women in their twenties, they're speaking from a mature perspective--so while there aren't any tunes like "Potential Breakup Song" or "Chemicals React," they've still got relevant phenomenons to reflect on. The five-track project has a bop for every occasion whether it's coping with loss, a relationships on the decline, or having the courage to ask someone out on a date.

Ten Years is dripping with '80s synth pop vibes as heard on the upbeat pick-me-ups "I Know" as well as the moody slow jam "Promises." The lead single "Take Me" is a catchy tale about the woes of modern romance in a digitally driven world, whereas the closing track "The Distance" touches on the dilemma of growing apart from your partner.

While this hiatus may not have been the path that the Michalka sisters originally intended to follow, the journey was ultimately worthwhile in the end. Aly & AJ are returning to an industry that continues to change on the regular, but they no longer have to worry about losing themselves in the process because they've had time to figure out who they truly are. Ten Years is available to stream now.