Photo courtesy of Ansel Elgort/Twitter

Ansel Elgort Reacting To BTS Performing At The AMAs Is Literally Me

The BTS Army is shaking

BTS *finally* made their officially U.S. television debut last night, performing "DNA" live at the American Music Awards. The boy band officially became the first K-pop group to perform at the event—a very BIG deal—which means that the night was naturally all about them as the BTS Army practically invaded Los Angeles. The BEST part is that during an interview on the red carpet, Ansel Elgort revealed that he was a member of said BTS fandom:

When it was finally time for BTS to hit the stage, the entire audience was up on their feet and chanting. Ansel, as I would have, looked liked he was having the time of his life during the performance:

It didn't take long for this adorable moment to turn into a meme on Twitter because Ansel is the living embodiment of a proud mom watching her children thrive.

Ansel initially become a fan of BTS after he met the guys at the Billboard Music Awards in May. A few months later, he ran into the group again while visiting South Korea to promote Baby Driver. Apparently, they've all been friends ever since! Ansel obvi captured the night on his Instagram Story:

Like a true fan, Ansel used the AMAs as a meet-and-greet opportunity with his new faves, and just bless his heart and this photo.