Bennett Raglin/MTV/Getty Images

The Dolan Twins Throw The Best Friendsgiving Ever

Are you hungry or thirsty?

TRL Friendsgiving would never be complete without my faves Ethan and Grayson Dolan. The boys were very much in the holiday spirit when they arrived at the studio, with Ethan dressed up as a turkey and Grayson in a chef's uniform. After handing off their sweet potato casserole, the Dolans had to prep for an intense Turkey Touchdown battle.

Obviously, this wasn't your family's traditional game of touch football—the boys had to run through a field full of cranberry sauce AND juice and get their turkey all the way to the plate at the end zone while being tied together the entire time. After three rounds of what looked more like a Thanksgiving-themed Slip’N Slide, Grayson broke the tie and became the official champion. Hopefully, this experience doesn't affect Ethan's feelings about cranberries.

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