Bennett Raglin/MTV/Getty Images

Nick Cannon Threw The Wildest Thanksgiving At TRL

The holy spirit is shook

Wild N' Out host Nick Cannon continues to be an MTV legend, so it was imperative that he host TRL's in-studio Friendsgiving potluck. Nick came all the way up from Howard University in D.C. to bring the TRL family a "twerkey" for the special occasion. After filling the hosts in on his academic life, Nick invited his WNO cast mates Chico Bean and Justina Valentine to come to the gathering. The squad really spiced up the dynamic in the room which made for some tasty table talk.

Nick was initially given the honor of saying grace before everyone gobbled on the feast, but instead he decided to turn the tables and challenge DC Young Fly to a wholesome and hilarious grace-off. We're not sure if he was feeling the holy spirit or just wanted to re-live his Drumline days, but Nick proceeded to call on the heavenly father with support from the Brooklyn Express Drumline and it was EPIC. In response, DC beckoned the Total Praise Choir to magnify his words with the power of gospel.

Later on, Nick shared highlights from the upcoming season of Wild N' Out (which premieres November 30 at 11:30pm ET!) before putting up a few pairs of his Ncredible headphones up for auction during the TRL Lottery. After that, Nick switched to the hot seat for a family-friendly version of The Third Degree that was dramatic AF. He also flipped the script and whipped out a list of his own questions for DC in one of our most intense roasts yet.

For dessert, Mikey Likes It owner Michael Cole treated everyone with a scoop of his insanely delicious chocolate covered strawberry ice cream. It was the perfect way to send everyone out from the best Friendsgiving of all time. TRL airs on weekdays at 4:00pm ET!