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Joe Keery On The Strangest Things From Stranger Things

It's not easy being Steve

As you all know, I'm a BIG fan of Joe Keery and have been counting down the days for his guest appearance on TRL for actual *months*. The fact that I didn't leak this news any sooner is truly a miracle, but I'm trying really hard to keep this job!!!

Not only is Joe killing it on Stranger Things as Steve Harrington, but he's a rock star IRL too. Last week, I nearly lost my chill when I discovered that he's a member of the band Post Animal and have been listening to their music non-stop ever since.

During his visit to the TRL studio, Joe opened up about some of the strangest things that have happened in his life like getting glass stuck in his foot. (Ouch!) According to Joe, he is considered as the biggest jokester on set and Finn Wolfhard is indeed the strangest member of the cast. He wouldn't spoil anything regarding the third season, but nobody likes a blabbermouth anyway! Don't believe me? Get your entire LIFE from the video, below.

TRL airs on weekdays at 4:00pm ET!