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Let’s Talk About How Ariana Grande’s Christmas & Chill EP Is A New Holiday Classic

'Tis the season

Two years ago, Ariana Grande blessed our ears with the holiday spirit in the form of Christmas & Chill. The 2015 project followed her previous effort Christmas Kisses, but Ariana really cranked up the heat in terms of expressing her deepest desires. The six tracks within this EP would go on to serve as a catalyst of original Christmas carols for the so-called doomed millennial generation. Instead of sticking to the safety net of remixes and covers of Christmas tunes, Ariana whipped up a whole batch of her own holly jolly love songs. (Besides, who else has been ready to move on from controversial classics like "Baby, It's Cold Outside"?)

At this point in time, we are MORE than ready for a full-length Christmas album from the 24-year-old, but we're never shy about re-visiting Christmas & Chill. Here, a breakdown of each track in order and the significance of the message behind them.

  1. "Intro"

    Sydney: Have the holidays ever felt this steamy? It's not just global warming--this EP has the power to melt any trace of snow that's piling up on your front porch.

    Brian: “Let me sneak into your speakers, listen,” Ariana quietly sings as if she needs to stealthily tiptoe into our lives. Gurl, the doors are wide open so light up all of our fireplaces with your fiery vocals. Time to get lit!

  2. "Wit It This Christmas"

    Brian: This sultry song teaches us Ariana doesn't need this list of things to spice up her holiday season: a mistletoe, a fireplace, a present, a kitchen. The only thing she needs is a drummer boy. Where’s the drum? It’s her. Ra pum pum pum pum.

    Sydney: "Are you down for some of these milk and cookies?" Ari is fully promoting the season of giving (and receiving) if you catch my drift and I am 100% here for it.

  3. "December"

    Sydney: I have always believed in the motto "my presence is a present" and that's essentially what this tune is all about. Exchanging body heat is one of the more exciting tactics for staying warm. (During these frigid times, remember the gospel of Cardi B.)

    Brian: Ariana doesn’t want to know who’s on the naughty list; she wants to know what’s on her man’s naughty list because “whatever is on [his] list [she’ll] do it” in order for him to remember her all through the new year long after the December snows melts away.

  4. "Not Just On Christmas"

    Brian: Ariana’s bae surely can’t be naughty every day, so on this ethereal ballad Ariana assures him she’ll stick by his side whether he’s "naughty or nice." Lesson learned: Get a man who can do both.

    Sydney: Christmas vows are the new wedding vows based on this soulful ballad.

  5. "True Love"

    Sydney: Hands down, this is my favorite track on the entire EP. It reminds me of the Christmas music that my parents play every year which usually consists of covers by different R&B artists. There's a playful, eflish energy about it that makes you want to hang mistletoe everywhere to secure a smooch with that special someone. Being naughty and nice is fun!

    Brian: Add Ariana’s “True Love” to the playlist of songs that include numbered lists, alongside the classic “12 Days of Christmas” carol and Destiny’s Child’s “8 Days of Christmas” banger. “On the fifth day of Christmas, you asked me what's on my wishlist.” Ask us and we’d say we wish this song was longer. Until that wish is granted, we’ll just destroy the repeat button for years to come.

  6. "Winter Things"

    Brian: Warm weather be damned! People who live in snowless, warm-weather cities have gravitated toward this ukulele-laden gem. The sun won’t blind Ariana from achieving her Christmas chill, so follow her lead, pretend you’re at the North Pole and go do some winter things, baby.

    Sydney: Is that a ukulele being strummed or the strings of my heart? For some reason, this song reminds me of all the people out there that flood their Instagram with photos of themselves participating in seasonal activities that they don't actually enjoy. It's cute to capture on camera though!