Photo by Everett Orr

Raveena's Shanti EP Is The Dreamiest Thing You'll Hear All Day

Soak up these vibes

New York-based artist Raveena Aurora is one of those soul singers that gives you a tiny taste of what she's capable of and leaves you starving for an entire meal. It's almost too easy to get swept up by her velvety voice as it flutters above all the instruments. Raveena's new Everett Orr-produced Shanti EP basks in the glow of sensual R&B jams with six silky smooth songs that cover a range of romantic interests such as falling in and out of love, the heat of seduction, and showing appreciation for your boo. Raveena says that the EP is about "finding healing through relationships and spirituality." She adds, "Overall, it's meant to be feel-good music."

Aside from her completely enchanting music, Raveena is unapologetic about celebrating her Indian heritage. This immediately comes across if you scroll through her Instagram, but the message is loud and clear in her self-directed visual for "Sweet Time". Raveena has no shame when it comes to giving her inner Bollywood star a platform to shine and I salute her for it.

Give in to the urge to float away while you stream all the tender tunes below.