Photo by Tyler Mitchell

Rejjie Snow Makes A Smooth Return With "Milk & Honey"

Watch out for this rapper on the rise

Irish rapper Rejjie Snow has been making his mark on the map with his tongue-twisting rhymes that pulse on top of booming beats since 2013. Earlier this year, he bounced back with his The Moon & You mixtape and swerved into the fashion world by landing campaigns for Versus Versace and Luxottica. The 24-year-old also collaborated with skincare brand Neighbourhood Botanicals on his own facial oil. Rejjie's latest single "Milk & Honey" is another cautionary tale about the complicated dynamics of interracial romance.

The track is produced by longtime collaborator (and Grammy Award-winning producer) Rahki, who previously worked on standout songs like "Pink Beetle" and "D.R.U.G.S.", and features Branch Hinshaw. In a press release, Rejjie described his new song as an "ignorant ass joint" that contrasts with all the sad songs included on his forthcoming album.

Rejjie's highly anticipated debut album Dear Annie is expected for release sometime in 2018 via 300 Entertainment. You can also catch him on the road for the Dear Annie Tour. Bump the brand spankin' new track below.