Photo courtesy of Charli XCX/Facebook

Charli XCX, Tove Lo & ALMA Want You To Get "Out Of My Head"

Turn it ALL the way up

This week, I nearly lost my mind when Charli XCX suddenly announced another mixtape this year to ruin all of your year-end lists. "Out Of My Head" is the first single off Pop 2, due out on December 15. With the infectious Number 1 Angel released in March, the British pop star has single-handedly owned 2017, no album necessary.

The new track features Tove Lo and ALMA who suggest taking drastic measures such as "dancing with no sleep" and partying with their tears and fears to get someone out of their heads (or as they call it in the bridge, "stupid $#!t"). "Pills and potions and terrible things," Tove Lo sings in the pre-chorus. "Heart on the floor when the telephone rings."

All bubble gum pop vibes aside, the cover art for the mixtape looks ultra goth if you ask me (maybe you didn't, but I'm giving you my opinion anyway). Bump the track below!