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Terror Jr's "Sad Sad Girl" Is A Dark, Twisted Christmas Carol

"No eggnog, just Sierra Mist"

Last week, we made you a special playlist of sad songs for the holiday season for the latest edition of AUX CORD. Today, Terror Jr has taken it upon themselves to make a Christmas tune that will have all the bad elves weeping under the mistletoe and begging for forgiveness. All year long, the group has been treating us with deliciously dark pop tunes and "Sad Sad Girl" is no different than the rest. Let's just say that Santa Claus would probably toss their latest offering to the naughty list with playful lyrics like "I'm on my Pagan $#!t/ Worship Satan with a torch lit" and "Keep your f***ing present, wrap a bow 'round this."

Terror Jr completed the Bop City trilogy this past September and is currently working on their next full-length album. (The group recently shared an exciting update about it on Facebook.) I promise you've never seen a White Christmas quite like this before... No coal, just grapes. Deck the halls with tears and terror!