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AUX CORD: 20 Songs For Cozy Girls Who Cry In The Club

Catch these tears!

Welcome to AUX CORD, TRL’s weekly playlist feature celebrating the latest and greatest in music. Each week, someone in the TRL orbit will be providing you with a completely custom playlist starring their current sonic faves. This week, TRL’s Editor, Sydney Gore picks 20 songs buzzing with cozy vibes because the heart is fragile and should be handled with care.

  • "you say i'm in love"- Bane's World

    This is the kind of song that makes me wish that I didn't envision two awkward penguins waddling back and forth when I think of slow dancing. Bane's World is the "dreamy, jazzy, pop" project of Long Beach native Shane Blanchard. He's a skater who makes groovy tunes that have me feeling like I'm floating rather than drowning in sadness. This track in particular reminds me of those dark times I spent crying in my college dorm about boys that didn't deserve a fraction of my attention.

  • "Prune, You Talk Funny"- Gus Dapperton

    There's something special about artists from New York, and Gus Dapperton is no exception. He is truly beating to his own drum in every sense of the phrase and I need way more music from him in 2018 because the Yellow and Such EP was simply not enough!

  • "Fallen"- Jaden Smith

    Long before SYRE was in existence, Jaden released a music video for this track and I immediately fell head over heels for it. His flow is so smooth and the weird AF metaphors make my heart flutter. How is he only 19 years old?

  • "Pink Beetle"- Rejjie Snow

    You wouldn't expect something like this to come out of Dublin, Ireland but life is full of little surprises! Ever since I heard the Rejovich EP in 2013, I've been following this rapper's every move. This single will likely be featured on his debut album Dear Annie which is slated to drop in 2018. Don't sleep on him!

  • "Vegas"- ABRA

    This song takes me back to when I was a teenager longing to do bad things like sneaking out of the house and throwing ragers while my parents were out of town. I'm way past that point of rebellion now, but it doesn't mean I can't tap into that mindset on the weekends. ABRA is one of Atlanta's most promising artists and I have been patiently waiting for her to drop a full-length album. Here's to hoping that 2018 will be her year.

  • "Losing You"- Solange

    This single set me free from so many things that were holding me back from being my true self in 2012. Sometimes, I feel like I owe Solange everything because her music has played such a big part on my journey of self-discovery, and this song is classic.

  • "Sweatpants"- Terror Jr

    This is the official cozy girl anthem! Terror Jr is one of the best things to happening in pop music right now and none of us are worthy of their bops.

  • "Find Me"- Porches

    This song takes me back to the "San Junipero" episode of Black Mirror during the third season. It also reminds me of a few instances where I've felt overwhelmed in a social setting but underwhelmed by a specific person resulting in a waste of a night. Anyway, I can't wait for Porches to release The House next year and destroy me emotionally.

  • "Unlock It"- Charli XCX feat. Kim Petras & Jay Park

    Once again, Charli XCX has delivered another project loaded with bangers. Now that I've taken a break from listening to Pop 2 on loop, I can confirm that this is without a doubt my favorite track on the mixtape.

  • "Bank Head"- Kelela

    The era of the Cut 4 Me mixtape was a very special point in my life, my first deep dive into the wonderful world of electro-R&B. It makes me think of this Yaghan word "mamihlapinatapai" which roughly translates to a look that is shared between two people who secretly long for each other but both hesitate to initiate anything. It's a really intense moment of silence that communicates so much to the beholders. So romantic!

  • "Baby I'm Dyin'"- LOLAWOLF

    On this dreamy tune, Zoë Kravitz makes a pretty plea to respectfully not break her heart. I couldn't relate to the sentiment more. It's the most minimal song that LOLAWOLF has ever done, but I really dig it.

  • "Fool"- Perfume Genius

    I recently went to a Perfume Genius concert and when he performed this super slow song I couldn't stop snapping my fingers. The track is featured on his 2014 album Too Bright, an introduction to the beautiful, broken world of Mike Hadreas. Thanks to him, my world has become all the more brighter.

  • "For The Widows In Paradise, For The Fatherless In Ypsilanti"- Sufjan Stevens

    TBH, I'm never not listening to the gospel of Sufjan Stevens, but I tend to turn to him even more during the wintertime (which I refuse to acknowledge as cuffing season). This is my favorite track from Michigan, one of his most underrated albums. When I heard it performed live for the first time I was by myself in a sold-out crowd and I quietly cried. I'm a softie, sue me!

  • "It's Okay To Cry"- SOPHIE

    Dance away the pain, baby! This British producer continues to change the electronic music scene with her innovative bangers that hit you where it hurts the most. Your feelings are valid, don't ever forget that.

  • "Hide"- FKA twigs

    These days, I stan for few artists but FKA twigs is my EVERYTHING. This is a tender tune that comforts me when I'm in the mood to hibernate and lock out the rest of the world.

  • "Stand Still"- Sabrina Claudio

    This was the first song that I ever heard from Sabrina and I was instantly hit by the power of her rich voice. About Time is without a doubt one of the best R&B projects to come out this year and I'm really excited to see what else Sabrina brings to the table in 2018.

  • "Julia"- SZA

    I know I'm supposed to pick something from CTRL, but this song still means everything to me. I have always felt this strong bond with SZA; it's like she doesn't just speaks to me through her music, but she GETS me. She SEES me. I'm beyond proud of her for all the success that has come her way, she deserves it more than anyone!

  • "Champagne Coast"- Blood Orange

    I've been a fan of Blood Orange a.k.a. Devonte Hynes for a very long time and this track continues to be my absolute favorite song that he has ever done. It was featured on the soundtrack for James Franco's film Palo Alto in 2013--which was only two years after I graduated high school. The song still hits very close to home.

  • "Broken Flowers"- Danny L Harle

    If someone were to ask me what crying in the club sounds like, I would play them this song. It's so pretty it hurts my soul. Danny is one of my favorite producers because I strongly connect to his sentiment of making music that is both experimental and emotional within the pop space.

  • "You See All My Light"- Jacques Greene

    If you're not already familiar with this Canadian producer, you're about to be properly educated. I was initially drawn in by his eargasmic remix of Ciara's "Body Party" and have been on an incredible journey of sound every since. This is the closing track on his debut album Feel Infinite and it's the perfect way to end an intimate listening experience like this.