Jaden Smith Is The King Of The Hill In "George Jeff"

Watch his latest vision from 'SYRE'

Last month, Jaden Smith released his brilliant debut album SYRE into the world for human consumption. Shortly after the drop, he shared a music video for "Icon" that's since hit one million views on YouTube. Today, he's back with another visual for the track "George Jeff." Just an FYI: the "Jeff" is short for Jefferson, which is likely a reference to Sherman Hemsley's character from the '70s sitcoms the All in the Family and The Jeffersons.

This time around, Jaden shows off his photography skills with a vintage polaroid camera while he stares off at the mountains behind him. In the opening verse, he gets DEEP into metaphors, comparing himself to a Polaroid picture because it's "trapped inside space and time." As always, Jaden is aimlessly wandering around by himself, taking in all the views as he raps with swagger. Toward the end, a recording of Willow interrupting him comes on and it almost seems to break his level of concentration.

Jaden previously described SYRE as "a beautiful confusion" and that's exactly how I feel every time I watch one of these videos. I'm assuming that at some point all of the visuals will connect and possibly make sense, but who knows! In a recent interview with Billboard, he explained that he's been directing an accompanying film for the album. "It's really just become a legacy of this guy, this kid, who chases the sunset," he said. "And then one day, it chases him back and he can't get away. It really is the story of me coming to be a young adult, and it wasn't easy at all."

It's Jaden's world and we are lucky enough to be on the edge of its surface!