Justin Timberlake Is The 'Man Of The Woods' We Need In 2018

"It feels so earthy"

As you all know by now, Justin Timberlake will finally put out a brand spankin' new album this year. Obviously, I am very excited about it because I've been going through a five-year-long drought following The 20/20 Experience. Since this is a big comeback and all, Justin decided to introduce the project with a fancy teaser trailer. The album is titled Man of the Woods which immediately made me think of Bon Iver, but no man has the power to claim the entire outdoors as his own. Perhaps Justin Vernon can keep the forest if Justin Timberlake takes the woods?

In the official trailer, a very cozy-looking Timberlake explains the inspiration behind the album in a dramatic voiceover while he walks through the fields of the countryside by himself. "This album is really inspired by my son, my wife, my family, but more so than any other album I've ever written, where I'm from," he says. "It's personal."

From there, a woman's voice comes in as she makes comments about how the album sounds: "It feels like mountains, trees, campfires, like wild west ... like now." All the while, footage of bonfires, horses, and crops blowing in the wind flash on the screen.

I personally enjoy the shot where Timberlake stretches his hands out while wearing not one but TWO jackets in a snow-covered prairie while looking up at the sky before it cuts to him doing the same exact thing in the middle of a lake. Is this just one of those things that men of the woods do? Excuse me for thinking it was all about camping, chopping wood and fishing in the canal! (Leave the s'mores at home, kids.)

I highly doubt that Timberlake went to the extreme of secluding himself in a cabin somewhere in the wilderness, but this album is clearly more about his southern roots. JT is just trying to get back in touch with his nature side and I won't knock him down for it. In troubled times like these, we could all use a retreat to Mother Nature.

Man of the Woods won't be released until February 2, but in the meantime, a new single is slated to drop on January 5. Timberlake is also scheduled to perform during the Super Bowl halftime show on February 4 so definitely expect to see him debut the new songs live then.

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