Noah Cyrus Throws A Dreamy Pastel Party In Her "My Way" Video

It's a battle between pink and blue

Fresh into the new year, Noah Cyrus is back with another bop for the ages. Back in November, the 19-year-old teamed up with UK dance duo One Bit on a bubbly pop song called "My Way." Today, she's unveiled a dreamy visual to complement the upbeat track and you're going to love it. When she's not in the middle of a color war at the table with her dancing guests, Noah stands alone in an all-white fit and breaks out into some spazzy choreography.

"We originally co-wrote ‘My Way’ to a completely different track with Katya Edwards—a great songwriter friend of ours," One Bit told The FADER. "The vocal from that original version was a lot slower, so we sped it up and put it onto the early stages of what became ‘My Way.’ When it was all together in its current form we got in touch with Noah to see if she was up for featuring on it. Thankfully, she said yes!”

Fingers crossed that I'll get an invite to the next pastel potluck at the Cyrus crib. Watch the epic dance off go down in the video below.