10 Chill Artists That Will Make Your January Less Dry

Elevate your musical palette

For many, January is a dry time of year--and I'm not just saying that for everyone who's sworn off booze for the next 31 days. It's generally a pretty cold, stale month: winter gets into full force and just when you think it's about to warm up, you get hit with a bomb cyclone and the cold cycle of misery repeats itself. The best way to break the ice in this case is to dance so here are 10 artists on the rise that will get your body moving. Introduce yourself to something (or someone) new for a change!

  1. Rina Sawayama

    This London-based powerhouse is like the second coming of '90s pop. It's easy to get hooked on songs like "Take Me As I Am" that have a hint of Britney Spears, but you'll fall even harder under her spell when you hear "Alterlife" and all the other edgy ballads off her debut album RINA.

  2. Asukal

    Raquel Undheim a.k.a. Asukal is putting the Philippines back on the map with her dreamy, experimental gems. Her Purity EP will cleanse your soul with five tracks that will get you through those painful post-breakup blues.

  3. Anna of the North

    Being from Oslo, this duo is familiar with cold temperatures, but their warm electro-pop tunes will make your ears feel nice and toasty. If you haven't been following them since their early SoundCloud days, you can start fresh with their 2017 debut album Lovers. Remember the pure joy you used to feel as a kid when snowflakes began to fall from the sky? That's exactly what Anna of the North sounds like.

  4. Sassy 009

    Prepare to be completely entranced by this trio of talented women making moody, alternative electronic music. The Norwegian group released their debut EP Do you mind toward the end of 2017 and it's exactly what you need in your life right now if you're looking for a fresh start.

  5. Anna Burch

    This indie darling has been stealing hearts for years in the local Detroit music scene, but now she's breaking away from the bands in pursuit of solo endeavors. She's got that groovy grunge thing going on that makes rock music taste oh so sweet.

  6. Alina Baraz

    This Ohio-bred artist will captivate you with her R&B songs that are dripping with soul. So far, she's collaborated with Khalid, Taku and Galimatias so it's only a matter of time before she breaks out on the scene. This April, she'll be making her big Coachella debut so you get her on your radar now.

  7. Pinkcaravan!

    Last year, this St. Louis-based rapper released an impressive debut EP titled a very sad happy birthday. Her rhymes are like a reel from your subconscious rolling out while chill music plays in the background.

  8. pnkblnkt

    This producer prefers to maintain an air of mystery when it comes to his identity, but if there's one thing he's upfront about, it's being comfortable AF. Following the release of 2016's COZY, he's been sprinkling a handful of singles on SoundCloud. Hopefully he'll have more new material to share in 2018.

  9. Morgan Saint

    I hadn't heard of this New York-based artist until last night, but discovering her has made me even more grateful that SoundCloud exists. As soon as you dive into the Parsons grad's 17HERO EP you'll be whisked away by the soft-spoken nature of her painfully relatable lyrics about everything from pleas about being more than just friends to your relationship with yourself.

  10. Sigrid

    Make way for this Scandi-pop princess! Sigrid has been churning out bops since she was a teen and doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon following her sensational Don't Kill My Vibe EP.