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Camila Cabello Dishes About Her Debut Album On TRL

While snacking on all of the snacks

The world as we know it is about to change when Camila Cabello FINALLY drops her debut solo album TOMORROW. Right before the big day, the global star stopped by the TRL studio to share her excitement about the long-awaited release and eat all of the Takis on the table. During her appearance, Camila talked about the moment when she found out that "Havana" made Barack Obama's songs of the year playlist. Apparently, she cried and sent a video to all of her friends. I'm hurt that I did not get a text but I understand and it's fine!!!!

After filling everyone in on her self-titled album, Camila gushed about being a big fan of Wild 'N Out. If she could freestyle against anybody in the world, Camila said that she would battle Oprah in a heartbeat. "I would say somebody that would just take it easy on me like Oprah," she said. "She would like critique and I'd be like 'Wow, you're right!' And then we would just cry and hug each other."

Camila is an outspoken advocate for DACA, so Tamara Dhia asked her to explain her connection to the cause. "With the Dreamers, I just feel like there's not a lot that separates me from them in terms of the story," she said. "I can't imagine someone saying to me 'You have to go back to Cuba'... It's just not fair to ask somebody to go back to a way of life that they don't remember. I feel that it's cruel and inhumane."

After that touching moment, Camila and DC Young Fly proceeded to bond over Spongebob Squarepants while talking about a recent wardrobe malfunction. Hayley Kiyoko also had an embarrassing story to share, but both stars were able to laugh off their clothing crisis.

Before she headed out, Camila taught Hayley and the hosts how to do the dance from "Havana." As you can see in the video below, DC is not the most coordinated when it comes to choreography...

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