Ansel Elgort's "Supernova" Video Is Like Baby Driver 2.0

"I'm just going through phaaaases"

Ansel Elgort has so much going on with his on-screen success that it's easy to forget he has a music career, too. Gone are the days of Ansolo for the 23-year-old is belting out that beautiful voice he was born to project to the masses. His latest offering is the slow-burning "Supernova" and it even comes with a high quality music video to match.

In the Colin Tilley-directed visual, a sweaty Ansel is disturbed from his stressful slumber and awakens to a world that he fails to recognize. Once he's up, he spends the rest of the time wandering outside in the rain and sliding up on some parked cars. Why he's doing this we'll never know, but it's clear that something is wrong. "I've been so f*cked in my head," he sings. "I've been going through phases."

While we're here, can someone please let him know I'm still waiting for that BTS collab by the way? Their little reunion at the AMAs was too cute and I need it to yield results. It's imperative that they make this happen in 2018!