Dua Lipa Is Serving Double The Looks In Her "IDGAF" Video

All hail the power of self-love

From the jump, Dua Lipa has made it crystal clear that she doesn't care about social constructs—she's going to do things her way and anyone that disagrees can kindly kiss her sass! In her latest Henry Scholfield-directed visual for "IDGAF" the English singer is tasked to face off against her alter ego in a colorful dance battle. The concept for the treatment is an artistic expression of the experience of dealing with an internal struggle. In the end, it all comes down to a powerful message about self-love and not giving a f***.

"This video is about your stronger and weaker side fighting with each other only to realize that self-love is what will help you overcome any negativity that comes your way," Dua said in a press release.

Preach sis! Watch the battle break out in the video below.