Photo by Pamela Littky

The Drop: Fall Out Boy, Porches, Kailee Morgue

Plus St. Beauty, Hanna Bean, Charlie Puth & tUnE-yArDs!

Here's why Thursday is low-key the best day of the week: Before the weekend hits, there's always an outpouring of album releases on Friday. So, if you're like us, then you're staying up tonight to get that first glorious listen when your new faves drop right at midnight. If you're also hunting for fresh new sounds, scroll down and get familiar with both of the artists on our list in the roundup, below.

  1. Fall Out Boy- Mania

    There's no need to call this a comeback... these Chicago rock stars never left the stage. For the past 15 years, they've been rebelliously redefining the pop punk scene and their seventh album is an insightful reflection of the present. A mid-life crisis never sounded so thrilling until now. Dare to experiment, you might enjoy it!

  2. Porches- The House

    The Aaron Maine-fronted synth pop band's latest album is a pure expression of human emotions that have been picked apart and sewn together again through layers of sound. From the anti-social cry of "Find Me" to the sweet release that is "Country," introverts will feel seen and heard.

  3. Kailee Morgue- Medusa EP

    This emerging pop star rapidly gained an ample amount of hype following the release of her viral hit "Medusa." Her debut project shows her putting everything she has to offer on the table and it's quite the feast.

  4. St. Beauty- Running To The Sun

    By now, you should already be familiar with Alex and Isis. The Janelle Monáe-approved duo is still in the early stages of breaking into the industry, but they continue to leave a lasting impression with their transient R&B tunes. Their debut album contains 10 feature-less tracks that provide a dreamy escape. Don't just sit there, dive in!

  5. Hanna Benn- DIVIDE EP

    There's so much to love about this Atlanta-based multi-disciplinary artist who intertwines the rich sounds of gospel, dance and opera into a world that is completely her own. Even though the EP only contains four tracks, it stands as a profound body of work. Your musical form of meditation has been delivered.

  6. Charlie Puth- Voicenotes

    In 2016, Charlie Puth stepped on the scene and claimed a lane of his own. His sophomore album shows him straddling the lanes of pop and R&B and blurring the lines with the help of established artists like Boyz II Men. Are you a Puther yet or nah?

  7. tUnE-yArDs- I can feel you creep into my private life

    Merrill Garbus's indie pop band doesn't miss a beat on their fourth album which takes cues from house and disco while also examining the concept of white privilege. Where other artists fall tone deaf, tUnE-yArDs chooses to listen and learn. The result is a user-friendly guide presented on the dance floor.