Photo by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images/MTV

Lil Xan Might Actually Be Changing His Name To Diego

"Yo, it's official, my name is now Diego."

Last week while Lil Xan was on TRL he revealed his tentative plans for changing his stage name due to the backlash about it promoting Xanax. "I considered dropping the lil from my name a couple of times and down the line I would like to go by Diego, but as of right now I'm gonna keep Lil Xan because I like the play on words."

With that said, the fan reaction was almost immediate: after the show, all of his fans approached him as Diego instead of his rap moniker. Following TRL, Lil Xan did an interview with Big Boy's Neighborhood and was asked about his name yet again. This time around, the rapper seemed to have changed his mind.

"Yo, it's official, my name is now Diego," he said. "It's crazy because I just did 'TRL' in New York. I left the building and they were calling me Diego. Not one person called me Lil Xan. All my fans were calling me Diego."

Diego, formerly known as Lil Xan, has not altered his name on his social media accounts, but there's a good chance he's preparing an official statement before making the switch official.