Photo courtesy of LIZ

LIZ Bounces Back With The Shimmering "Queen Of Me / Could U Love Me"

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I randomly started thinking about LIZ the other day and as fate would have it, a new release came right on time! The underground pop princess has been making sweet jams under Mad Decent for years and previously dropped the Cross Your Heart mixtape in 2016. Now, she's finally back to finish what she started and reintroducing herself as an independent artist with "Queen Of Me" and "Could U Love Me." LIZ explained the reasoning for dropping both songs together in a recent interview with PAPER.

"'Could U Love Me" is a vulnerable love song, and on the opposite side of the spectrum from 'Queen of Me,'" she said. "I wanted to pair these songs together because they express different sides and colors of who I am as a person and as an artist. You can be sexy and fierce, while also being vulnerable and honest."

No doubt that longtime fans of LIZ will be raving about these delicious tunes for days. Here's to hoping more of her music finds its way to the web throughout 2018. Stream both of LIZ's singles in full below.