Photo by Charlie Cummings

Tom Misch & Loyle Carner Will Make A "Water Baby" Out Of You

Water signs rejoice

London-based artist Tom Misch is currently casting quite a mood from across the pond. For his latest single "Water Baby," the 22-year-old singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist tapped one of his best mates, English rapper Loyle Carner to add some of his juice into the mix. The smooth collaboration will wash all your worries away as Tom sings about going with the flow and swimming through turbulent times. Loyle hits you with the real talk on his verse, but it's nothing too heavy that your ears can't handle.

This track marks the second single off Tom's debut full-length album Geography due out on April 6. It's also the third song that Tom and Loyle have teamed up on following "Nightgowns," "Crazy Dream" and "Damselfly." Stream the fluid tune below.