Photo by Colby Koch

Kim Petras Taps Into Your Inner Shopaholic Through Her "Faded" Video

Don't shop under the influence

If you listened to Pop 2 as much as I have, it was legitimately hard to tell the difference between the voices of Charli XCX and Kim Petras on "Unlock It." After that delightful collaboration, Kim released a single in collaboration with lil aaron called "Faded." The track is bubblegum pop at its finest, a bouncy tune ideal for those nights of doing the most with your crew. Today, the emerging pop star has released an official music video directed by Nicholas Harwood for the playful song.

The cute visual takes place in an abandoned studio where Kim is caught up in her usual antics–dancing with whatever objects she can get her hands on (bubble wrap chairs, safety cones, shopping carts) while sporting a variety of over-the-top designer outfits and bright, neon accessories that I need for my wardrobe immediately. Eventually, she makes her way to the roof and meets up with lil aaron. Get a dose of all the fun in the video below.