Photo by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images/MTV

MAX & Iskra Lawrence Preach The Power Of Body Positivity

Learn to love yourself

Iskra Lawrence touched down in the TRL studio to shine her radiant light of body positivity on Times Square. In addition to breaking down her "cellu-LIT" look on the red carpet at the SAG Awards and the story behind her In-N-Out takeover after the ceremony, the English model talked about the importance of self-empowerment and creating a safe space for fitness with her newly launched health and lifestyle program EveryBODY. Since Iskra is a total pro at Instagram, she also showed the crowd how influencers fake their appearance in photos by dispelling poses that make them look curvier.

Maxwell "MAX" Schneider is also a passenger on the body positivity train, even as a guy who calls himself "fun size." Back in 2010, the singer had the honor of posing alongside Madonna in a Dolce & Gabonna campaign, but he was often criticized for his short height. "Body positivity is everything to me," he said. "For most of my adolescence I was very insecure about being such a fun size person... I actually got the part because I was fun size and that was definitely a moment of realizing that you have to embrace your body and who you are."

Given both of their ongoing experiences with body shaming, MAX and Iskra were the ideal guests to discuss the controversy that is Kim Kardashian's latest nude photo shoot. Both celebrities agreed that it's a tricky situation to evaluate, fully acknowledging the cultural ramifications of a white woman wearing braids, but the need for self-expression of the human body.

Finally, MAX shut down the show with a chilling acoustic performance of his hit single "Lights Down Low." This set marks the first live televised performance of the track which was recently certified platinum! Watch the set below and tune into TRL tomorrow at 4:00pm for Marteen and Bailee Madison!