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Aux Cord: 9 Heartbursting Ballads To Free You From Your Ex


Welcome to AUX CORD, TRL’s weekly playlist feature celebrating the latest and greatest in music. Each week, someone in the TRL orbit will be providing you with a completely custom playlist starring their current sonic faves. This week, TRL’s Social Manager, Kristen Maldonado, highlights nine songs that will empower you to take control and put your heart in your own hands.

  • “She Loves Control”- Camila Cabello

    What I love about “She Loves Control” off of her debut solo album Camila is that it’s an empowering track about a girl who wants things her way. The subject is so wide; it can be about taking control of your life, of your relationship, of your career. In reality, the inspiration for this song came from Cabello’s own desire to have creative control over her music.

  • “My My My!”- Troye Sivan

    With a thumping electric beat, “My My My!” by Troye Sivan is a song about the thrill that comes from new love. There’s a great 80s sound to this track and it’s a strong introduction to Sivan’s upcoming record, which will be his first since his 2015 debut Blue Neighborhood.

  • “Honey”- Kehlani

    If you’re looking for a stripped down gem, look no further than Kehlani’s “Honey.” The song features an acoustic guitar instrumental punctuated by the singer’s own acapella harmonies at the end. Plus Kehlani’s word play is on point: “I like my girls just like I like my honey; sweet, a little selfish. I like my women like I like my money; green, a little jealous.”

  • “Like The Way I Do”- Glenn Travis

    Glenn Travis brings that feeling you get when you’re surprised to find you’re falling head over heels for someone to life in his song “Like The Way I Do.” The smooth R&B track also features a treat—Travis’s spine-tingling higher register.

  • “F*ck Feelings”- Olivia O’Brien

    Olivia O’Brien’s “F*ck Feelings” is a relatable bop about wishing you hadn’t developed feelings for someone who doesn’t have them back. The track bumps hard when O’Brien sings, “F*ck feelings, swear that sh*t ruined my life; all they ever do is just waste my time.”

  • “Dead”- Madison Beer

    Madison Beer’s “Dead” is the true definition of savagery! The song plays off a response to an ex saying he can’t live without her. Her reply: “So why aren’t you dead yet? Why're you still breathing?” RIP ME.

  • “Thief”- Ansel Elgort

    “Thief” is the first song I’ve heard by actor Ansel Elgort and I’ve got to say I’m impressed. The song has an addictive '80s vibe while it tells the story of a heartbreaker who knows exactly what he’s up to.

  • “S.L.U.T.”- Bea Miller

    Bea Miller is reclaiming a typically negative word in her latest single. “S.L.U.T.” calls for “sweet little unforgettable things” to own their bodies, color, gender, or whatever makes them who they are. The song has a doo-wop feel with an empowering message to be happy in your own skin.

  • “Sleep Talking”- Charlotte Lawrence

    Charlotte Lawrence’s “Sleep Talking” tells the story of someone who knows their significant other is cheating and is beyond the “talking it through” phase. Over a tropical house beat, she croons, “I’ll wait till the morning, might just let you sleep in, won’t give you a warning, just know that I’m leavin.’”