Photo by Isha Dipika Walia

Tommy Genesis Officially Joins All The "Lucky" Legends With Her New Single

Tommy meets Genesis

In recent memory, only legends have a song called "Lucky" on their records. Today, Canadian artist Tommy Genesis has sealed her fate as a member of the holy trinity alongside Britney Spears and Charli XCX with her brand-new single "Lucky." Tommy's latest offering is a breezy tune birthed out of the heart of reggae that drastically differs from her "RAF"-influenced track "Tommy" that she dropped this past September. Both tracks will be featured on Tommy's forthcoming debut album Genesis.

“Every song on the album is a different genre,” she told NOISEY. “This is my No Doubt album. There's no rules. I just made what I wanted.”

My weekend plans now consist of listening to the three greatest "Lucky" songs of all time on repeat—no need to pit these icons against each other when they are all bops!