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Aux Cord: 10 Tunes For When Love Is On The Brain

It's a matter of the heart

Welcome to AUX CORD, TRL’s weekly playlist feature celebrating the latest and greatest in music. Each week, someone in the TRL orbit will be providing you with a completely custom playlist starring their current sonic faves. This week, TRL social coordinator Landyn Pan reflects on his love life and some of his past habits through the work of 10 artists.


    This is a sad but beautiful track on SATURATION II sung by Bearface. His singing takes on Kevin Abstract’s suburban hero character Helmet Boy as he opens up his feelings about a lost love.

  • "Japanese Denim"- Daniel Caesar

    Another somber but beautiful song where Daniel Caesar sings about not being recognized by someone he loves. It's a reminder that life is short and we should always tell the ones we love how we really feel before the chance is gone.

  • "Focus"- H.E.R.

    H.E.R. is a mysterious artist whose real name and face is unknown to the public, and this track from her self-titled album is a call for attention from her man. I’ve been on both sides of this song, the person feeling ignored AND the person taking someone else for granted. Bottom line is, if you’re spending time with someone important, put the phone down!

  • "B Cool"- Magroove feat. Melanie Faye

    Not much is known about Mangroove, but I really enjoy the chill vibe of this indie R&B track that’s pretty upbeat for a song about rejection.

  • "Palace/Curse"- The Internet feat. Steve Lacy

    This is a two-part song where Tyler, The Creator and Syd initially brag about bringing girls home before diving into falling in love in the song's second half. When it happens unexpectedly, it's a good thing, people! Embrace it!

  • "Do U Wrong"- Leven Kali feat. Syd

    I love the beat in “Do U Wrong,” and its lyrics about the anxiety of meeting and talking to a new love interest and wondering whether or not you should play nice or hard to get are so relatable. It makes me laugh at my old self and how I'd miss opportunities to really connect with people I was into, all because I'd be busy pretending like I was too cool to care.

  • "Wild Irish Roses"- Smino

    I’m a fan of Smino’s music and rap style and this track off his blkswn album is about casually riding around with his girl with smokes and drinks until things get dirty.

  • "Dark Red"- Steve Lacy

    On this track, Steve Lacy thinks his girl is going to leave him because he sees her wearing dark red lipstick. Thinking it's a bad sign, he begs to stay with him, before he starts to wonder if it’s all in his head.

  • "Mood"- dvsn

    Daniel Daley sings about wanting to get back with an old love in this song, but to me, it’s just a simple reminder to be attentive and present in your relationship.

  • "Belong To You"- Sabrina Claudio

    This might seem like a song sung about a romantic partner, but Sabrina Claudio says it’s actually a love song to herself. Even when you’re in a good relationship, it's good to keep in mind that you, your time, your energy and your body don’t belong to anyone but yourself.